Who am I?

I am a freelance graphic designer,  graphic artist, social media consultant, and art enthusiast residing in the Kansas City Metro. A typical day in my life has been anything but typical; clients seek me out to create logos, print work, packaging, websites, brainstorming sessions, custom artwork, social media marketing campaigns, and swag for their company.  My brain rarely sleeps. If it has slowed down it is because I found a mountain to climb while on vacation somewhere.

I am a father, husband, budding entrepreneur, and much more.

I enjoy solving graphic problems within the scope of the clients needs.

I am always eager to work on new projects.

I am an award winning, Kansas City Graphic Designer with experience in:

Corporate Design

Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Corporate Branding, Iconography, User Interface Design

Print Design

Business Cards, Brochures/Flyers, Invitations/Programs, Posters/Banners, Advertisement, Promotional Products, Custom "one-offs"

World Wide Web

Website Design, Content Management Systems, Web Advertisement
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